Chili Cook-Off Advice from Mike Marino

“I’m excited for the fun of the Chili Cook-off…but I’m not excited about the big clean we have to do for the studio before” says Artist Mike Marino. With The Arts of Life’s 9th Annual Charitable Chili Cook-Off less than two weeks away, Marketing Volunteer Tim Sonnefeldt sat down with chili pro and studio mainstay Mike Marino to ask him to share his thoughts on the upcoming event. For first time visitors, Mike has some advice, “The Chili Cook-Off is loud with all the people and with the music…and be careful because the chili is really hot!” One of Mike’s favorite parts of the CCO is the music, his favorite band being The Arts of Life Band.  “It’s fun because the Arts of Life band plays! The band is loud, they’re hardcore rock…. I know there’s some metal and I know Kelly’s song is more relaxing. And Gene’s song is loud, like Shark Attack, but more epic and scary and they will be playing it at the cook-off!” Mike is also a big fan of the food and watching the awards presentation at the end of the night. “My favorite chili is the vegetarian because it’s healthier and seems spicier, and seeing the Big Spoon Award is really fun!” When asked about any spice-handling advice he might want to give CCO first-timers, Mike excitedly replied, “drink two- no three glasses of water!” In closing, Mike had this to say: “Just come have fun, and please talk to the artists and ask to see their art! See Dave’s comics, Kelly’s arts, and see Benji’s Sonic Comic! Just enjoy yourself, don’t be sorry, and donate to the arts of life! You can buy art if you want. Have fun! Don’t burn yourself and just have fun! Make sure you talk to the artists. Ask us questions! And you can vote for your favorite chili to win!”Pointing to his own artwork he enthusiastically exclaimed, “See this too!” Have fun. Have fun. Have fun. Mike is clearly excited about the upcoming event and hopes that you will join us for a night full of food, music, art, and great company! “Donate a lot of money to arts of life. We need a lot of money for supplies and if you wanna volunteer please talk to Denise, Sara or Ariella!” – Mike Marino

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