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Christina Zion: May Artist of the Month

Join us in congratulating Christina Zion, our agency Artist of the Month for May! Zion sat down with North Shore Studio artist, Ted Gram Boarini, to discuss their common love of music, graphic novels and freestylin’!

TGB: I heard that you are a graphic novelist. I’m just wondering what kind of graphic novel work you like to do.

CZ: Well I like to write stories and tell them about what they are.

TGB: Ok, cool. I also heard that you’re a great musician. What kind of music do you like to put with your graphic novel work?

CZ: I like doing pop rock music. 

TGB: Oh! Pop Rock! Cool! That’s Cool!

CZ: Yeah!

Christina Zion, A Scary Scene, 2021, graphite on paper, 9″x12″

TGB: So I’ve heard that you’re a part of the Chicago Studio Band. What has that experience been like for you? 

CZ: That’s kinda cool. I like that.

TGB: I’ve heard some stories so I wanted to know from you, what has the experience been like for you?

CZ: I like telling different types of stories.

TGB: Oh! Stories in music?

CZ: Yes. In my music too.

TGB: I’ve actually seen you guys play at least once or probably twice and you guys kick butt!

CZ: Well, yeah!!!

TGB: What other things do you like to do in your free time?

CZ: I like to watch TV, listen to music and relax.

TGB: Do you get any ideas from either your musical style or your comic book?

CZ: Well I choose my own topics.

Christina Zion, Lions in the Pridelands, 2020, acrylic on canvas, 16″x20″

TGB: That’s kind of interesting. What topics interest you?

CZ: It depends on what the story is. 

TGB: Ok, cool.

CZ: Cool. Let’s move on. I like to take walks to go to restaurants and stuff.

TGB: what kind of restaurants do you like to go to?

CZ: I like to walk to Duncan Donuts.

TGB: I used to be like that except my dad worked for McDonalds for a while so my mom would take me to McDonald’s a lot. What other kinds of art do you like to do?

CZ: I like to write my own music.

TGB: Cool! What musical styles are you into? Are you into jazz? I know you’re into rock because I’ve actually heard the Chicago Studio Band when they first started. Actually, that was when I started thinking of our own band [Vangogo].

CZ: I like to write whatever comes to my mind.

TGB: So you’re saying you like to basically freestyle it?

CZ: Yes, that’s kind of my style. See? I write whatever comes to my mind.

Christina Zion, Neville is Able to Bring the Same Level of Integrity, 2018, marker on paper, 12″x9″

TGB: What kind of person are you when it comes to art?

CZ: I like to do pop rock designs—like pop culture. That’s my stuff… pop culture!

TGB: What’s the latest project that you are working on?

CZ: I’ve been catching up with my other, old comics and I’ve made really good progress.

TGB: That’s interesting to me. I’d love to see those at some point. 

CZ: I just finished my last comic for the year.

Christina Zion, Beautiful Butterly Fly, Fly Away, 2020, acrylic on canvas, 16″x20″

TGB: I’d really like to thank you for your time and input. 

CZ: How come you guys chose me? That’s what I’m asking.

TGB: We chose you because we thought that you deserve this.

CZ: Oh! Because I do nice work? 

TGB: Yes. You deserve this because you do nice work. 

CZ: Thanks for your support!

TGB: Always! You always have my support!

Christina Zion, A Scary Scene, 2021, graphite on paper, 12″x9″