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Ed Talks: Michelle Kim

North Shore Studio Artist, Ed Rawski sat down to talk with Michelle Kim this week. Michelle started volunteering at Arts of Life in March of 2017. Her kind presence has been a constant on Monday afternoons, immediately connecting with the community. Recently Michelle began working 1:1 with artist Laura Greenberg. She balances a busy schedule working at Arts of Life on Mondays and Wednesdays with Laura and going to school full time.  As Laura painted, Ed was able to ask Michelle some questions.

Ed Rawski:  Nice job

Michelle Kim: Ready?

ER:  Looks like it. How did you hear about Arts of Life?

MK:  So it’s been a

ER: You’ve been here for a long time.

MK: I’ve been here for three years. It was just though my
search for local [volunteering] opportunities for anything related to art and

ER: Maybe four.

MK: Yeah!!

ER: I was here when you came over here.

MK: This was kind of a new environment that I had never
worked in before and I was curious and then I volunteered here and now I’m
working here.

ER: What did you like about Arts of Life?

MK: The sense of community and how you all help each other.
I think that is really nice. When you compliment others like you just did with

ER: I like the blue. it was worth it!

MK: I think it is really great how everyone encourages one
another and advocate for one another.

ER: What do you like about being in the studio environment?

MK: Being present for the full process of your art making. I get to see the start all the way to the finish; from brainstorming, to the colors on the canvas brought to life.

ER: What kind of art do you like to do when you are

MK: Before I was mainly volunteering; helping, making sure
you all had what you needed.

ER: Working with different people.

MK: Yeah! But now I’m working with Laura.

ER: Good job Laura!

MK: I spend time with her and make sure she has everything
she needs to make art.

ER: Are you an artist and if so what kinds of art do you

MK: I don’t think I am a professional artist but I have
always been interested in art.

ER: That’s my main thing to do.

MK: There are so many talented artists here. Everyone is so good at what they do. I have a deep appreciation for art.

ER: Do you have a favorite artist?

MK: Do I have a favorite artist? Uh… that’s tough. I know I
really like the impressionist style of painting, like Monet or Van Gogh would
be my go to.  These days I am learning
more about women artists and different feminist artists. 

ER: What do you like to do when you are not at Arts of Life?

MK: If I am not studying, I’m usually just at home or out
and about. Reading or listening to music: just anything to relax.

ER: What do you do to study?

MK: I make sure I have all my materials, all my books, and notes….

ER: What do you study?

MK: I am currently studying psychology. Something more
related to global mental health. It sort o still up in the air.

ER: You never know right?

MK: You never know.

ER: What do you like about psychology?

MK: I’ve always just been really interested in thinking
about how people think and the dimensions of thought.

ER: Thanks!