All Well And Good
Circle Contemporary
March 15, 2019 – April 19, 2019
2010 West Carroll Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA

Robert Chase Heishman — David Krueger — Anna Kunz — Andrew Masullo — Ad Minoliti -— Hubert Posey — Susan Pasowicz — Maria Vanik — Lindsey Whittle

organized by Eric Ruschman

Friday Reception
March 15th

I heartily doubt there is anything new that I could say about color in art. I’m open to it; but, I humbly admit that my experience of colorful form is often subjective and ineffable. No surprises there, I’m sure.
What I can say about color in this exhibition though, and how that color is manifested through each chosen material, is that I’m frequently struck silent (in all those good ways that one wants to be struck silent) when in the presence of it. Not a somber silence by any means, but more a silence where you notice your heartbeat is in sync with your sight.
During one of the planning meetings with the Curatorial Committee at Arts of Life, Susan Pasowicz told me, “Color is all well and good, but what about a grey show? Lots of color gets really busy, but grey and black are calming and they let you stop and breathe and think.”
In selecting works for this show, I’ve tried to pay attention to when color lets me stop and breathe and think. No doubt this is a colorful, seemingly busy exhibition. But I think it might also be a grey place. Feel free to tell me I’m wrong 🙂