Coloured Fire
April 1, 2021 – April 30, 2021
Arts of Life Inc, West Carroll Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA

Arts of Life is pleased to present the exhibition, Coloured Fire, featuring works by Amanda Ross-HoDebra JohnsonLawrence M. and guest curated by Pari Dust.


Authentic spontaneities between color, form, and representational imagery spark a gravitational pull like the blossom of a cultural wellspring. Spiritualist illustrations needed coloured fire to take on the forms clothed in the living light of other worlds as Annie Besant conveys in Thought Forms, the seminal book on Theosophy.

Here, embodied elements become the source material for creation. We bask in the impassioned use of color, we delight in the afterglow of work that awards these elements the sense of lyricism they deserve.

Pari Ehsan  is the creator behind Pari Dust, a digital platform for art and fashion. Pari Dust explores new ways to combine the elements of our visual world, offering windows into contemporary art, fashion, and the built environment through her unique lens. In an ever-evolving space, Pari seizes opportunities to engage in conversation with influential minds and collaborate with those artists, brands, fairs, galleries and museums who share and heighten her vision. The former architect received a nomination from the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) in 2014. Ehsan has worked with MoMA, The New Museum, Tate Modern and art galleries including Perrotin, Hauser & Wirth amongst others. Pari celebrates the interactions and influence of art, design, and commerce, and how they merge to define our contemporary moment.

Guest Curator Talk with Pari Dust
Friday, April 9
1pm-2pm (CST)
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