Entrelazar features the work of contemporary artists who incorporate the language of fiber arts into their practice. Through materials or concepts, the formal models denoted as fiber arts are being challenged by incorporating non-traditional materials, forms of display, or discourses. Similar to fiber arts, this group of artists creates work that emphasizes the aesthetic and conceptual value of the work over its utility. Entrelazar, from the Spanish term to weave, gathers a group of Chicago based artists who identify as female and interweaves their expressions into the Arts of Life exhibition space.

Featured artists:

Candida Alvarez – *Renata Berdes – *Aria Carter – Dianna Frid ­- Diana Gabriel – Maria Gaspar – Melissa Leandro – *Susan Pasowicz – *Linda Ruzga – Edra Soto – *Maria Vanik – *Debbie Vasquez – Vanessa Viruet – Allison Wade – *Jean Wilson

*indicates Arts of Life Studio Artist

Curated by Edra Soto

Friday reception August 30th

Event Details

Circle Contemporary - Chicago Location: 2010 West Carroll Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA Date(s): August 30, 2019 - October 11, 2019 Time(s): View on Facebook