Members: Q+A with Sue Pasowicz and Eric Ruschman
Arts of Life
March 11, 2021 – March 11, 2021
2010 West Carroll Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA

Members: Please join us for a Q+A with gallerist Eric Ruschman and Chicago studio artist Susan Pasowicz on March 11th from 6 to 7 pm. We’ll chat with these long time collaborators about Sue’s practice, Eric’s space, and their work together, past and future. If you’re not a member, become one now to enjoy exclusive events like these.

Eric Ruschman is an experienced Art Dealer and Art Consultant with over a decade of building art collections and art investments for new, growing, and established collectors. He’s been running RUSCHMAN, a roving curatorial project with a focus on exploring the inherent politics of aesthetics for the past several years and as of this fall opened a permanent gallery space in Chicago. RUSCHMAN seeks to promote contemporary art practices, both established and unestablished. He recently presented a solo exhibition of Pasowicz’s work for NADA Chicago Gallery open.

A Chicago Studio artist since 2013, Susan is a dreamer and visionary. Fascinated by color, shapes and organic forms Pasowicz uses color pencil to create whimsical compositions that reflect her dream like state.  Looking at everyday life her work adds hints of her surroundings that become tangled in the web of forms that worm on her works’ surface. Often incorporating windows, doors, or portals Pasowicz transports the viewer to a new environment.

Closed captioning provided. For accessibility needs please contact Lily at lharper@artsoflife.org.