PLATINUM Exhibition
Arts of Life
June 1, 2020 – July 31, 2020
Chicago, IL, USA

Marcelo Añón — Renata Berdes — Veronica “Ronnie” Cuculich — Ted Gram-Boarini — Nikole Heusman — David Krueger — Bill Lilly — Mike Marino — Susan Pasowicz — Hubert Posey — Alex Scott — Tim Stone

Arts of Life’s first virtual exhibition, PLATINUM, is now live! This exhibition features twelve original works of art and an accompanying print collection, courtesy of DOCUMENT Gallery. Each of the original works are for sale, and viewers also have the opportunity to purchase 16.25”x 21.25” collector’s edition archival prints ($100 framed, $50 unframed), or the complete portfolio for $500. PlATINUM is the first in a series of virtual exhibitions that will take place over the upcoming months, designed to offer an exciting new opportunity for Arts of Life fans far and wide to engage with our artists’ work and build their collections. It is presented by the Executive Board’s Art Committee, a group of individuals who directly support Arts of Life studio artists by engaging in professional development opportunities and actively fundraising for the organization.

This exhibition, the capstone of Arts of Life’s 20th Anniversary year, is titled after the precious metal traditionally exchanged as an anniversary present. Showcasing the diverse range and talent of studio artists past and present, including a rare work from the late co-founder Veronica “Ronnie” Cuculich. During her years with Arts of Life, Cuculich developed a playful, colorful practice consisting largely of figurative works that explored identity, gender, and aging. Her signature imagery included a series of “baby dolls,” references to popular culture icons like Brad Pitt and Elvis and portraits of glamorous youths like the work featured in this exhibition.

Arts of Life Executive Director and Co-founder Denise Fisher says, “In the State of Illinois, a lot of people with developmental disabilities lose their childhood. When you give them the ability to make decisions and take control of their lives, they are still children and they want to recapture those years.” When artists arrive at an Arts of Life studio, they are often experiencing community and exploring freedom of expression for the first time. Each piece celebrates the legacy of founding artist Cuculich and demonstrates the variety of creative practices that develop in this unique incubator, encouraged by an exploration of art history and exposure to a variety of formal techniques and materials. The selected works exemplify how an individual’s creative potential can manifest and develop over years of fostering autonomy and empowerment within the studio artists that work at Arts of Life. View the digital catalog.

*original works and limited edition prints on sale through July 31st.