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Birds shun Such trees
‘Birds shun such trees,’ the doctor says to her, ‘as grow from seeds nourished in soil where honor is despised’ He has always considered himself a sort of poet anyway, and has often thought that science and poetry were kindred spirits dealing, as they do, with the actual and the mysteries of the actual. Carol Emshwiller, Carmen Dog Little poems, or when a laugh verges on the poetic. Heart-on-sleeve, jokes you tell that when retold don’t quite add up… had to be there. A song I’ve listened to over and over repeats ‘You’re not alone’, like a mantra and I dunno, these thoughts, being-with others and the kind of magic of what comes of sincere time - that between stuff between poetry and science, love and politics, neither one nor the other.
Running Dates
November 1, 2020 - November 30, 2020