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Arts Coordinator



Position Title:  Arts Coordinator (Full-time) Reports to: Art Director

Location:  Chicago

Positions that directly report to this job:  Genre Specialists

OUR VISION is a rich creative arts community where artists with intellectual & developmental disabilities participate through leadership and collaboration.

OUR MISSION The Arts of Life advances the creative arts community by providing artists with intellectual and developmental disabilities a collective space to expand their practice and strengthen their leadership.  

The Arts of Life continually creates an environment that is trusting, nurturing, and respectful. We are all equals in this space and should be given the most respect possible.  We understand that all of us have bad days and all of us are developing as individuals and we encourage each other to share both the positive things that make us who we are and the negative things that make us who we are. We encourage everyone to share their goals and aspirations so that we are able to be of some help along their journey.  We hope to provide this environment and offer our philosophy to everyone that joins our community, not just our artists.  If our environment is true, it will have the same effect on everyone.

Position Purpose:

The Arts Coordinator is responsible, in collaboration with each artist, for supervising the development and implementation of each artist’s individual practice.  Working with the Art Director, this position supports the artistic vision of the organization including implementing projects and tracking desired outcomes.  


Artists’ Creative Practice

·       Complete an annual art assessment for each artist in your program.

·       Using the assessment, develop an individual plan for artists to increase their portfolio.

·       Maintain all artists’ CV’s and bios.

·       Develop and implement training opportunities for artists to improve their practice.

·       Participate in project planning and critique with studio artists

·       Implement and track assigned artistic goals.

·       Maintain each artist’s website page and archival system. 

Exhibitions & Communications

·       Lead four exhibitions per fiscal year for your program.

·       Work collaboratively with the Art Department to increase the exposure of tAofL artists.  

·       Coordinate website updates related to program, ensuring that new, consistent information is regularly posted and updated.

·       Implement the strategy to maintain artists’ assets (photo, video).

·       Distribute press releases, stories, and media kits.

·       Supervise the development and maintenance of your program’s blog posts.


·       Develop, implement, document and maintain a calendar of demos, critiques and art history opportunities.

·       Keep all artwork stored and in good repair.

·       Supervise the proper use of supplies by all community members.

·       Support the training of each artist’s individual plan.

·       Support supplemental programming schedule and needs.

·       Maintain the studio in all supplies.



·       Bachelor’s degree in Art

·       1 – 2 years of experience in NFP arts programming or equivalent.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, Behaviors:

·       A Working knowledge of the visual arts.

·       Experience with social service agencies a plus.

·       Experience with framing, photography, and digital photography software.

·       Proficient using MAC platforms, Google docs, and adobe creative suite.

·       Working knowledge of social media platforms and website maintenance.

·       Must be able to work independently and as part of a team.

·       Strong written and verbal communication skills.

·       Experience delegating to and supervising interns or volunteers.

·       Valid driver’s license.