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Circle Contemporary- Chicago

Past Events

Dance, Dance, Dance Chicago Studio January 31, 2020
Marcel Alcalá — Peter Barrickman — Brian Belott — Lizzi Bougatsos —  Aria Carter — Jacob Ciocci — Russell Copenharve…
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2019 Chicago Studio Award Show Chicago Studio October 18, 2019
Come see the amazing work by our exceptionally talented studio artists. The award show ceremony and reception takes place on…
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Entrelazar Chicago Studio August 30, 2019
Entrelazar features the work of contemporary artists who incorporate the language of fiber arts into their practice. Through materials or…
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2019 Chicago Studio Sale Chicago Studio July 26, 2019
Join Arts of Life at our Chicago studio for our annual Summer Studio Sale! Arts of Life advances the creative…
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Slow Read Chicago Studio June 7, 2019
6.7.19 – 7.19.19 curated by Disparate Minds co-founders Andreana Donahue and Tim Ortiz featured artist: Ted Gram-Boarini — Deborah Handler…
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How We Make It 2019 Chicago Studio April 26, 2019
How We Make It showcases the talents of Arts of Life staff, interns, and volunteers in recognition of the continuous…
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All Well And Good Chicago Studio March 15, 2019
Artists: Robert Chase Heishman — David Krueger — Anna Kunz — Andrew Masullo — Ad Minoliti -— Hubert Posey — Susan Pasowicz — Maria Vanik — Lindsey Whittle organized by Eric Ruschman…
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Sly Neighbors 1/18/19 – 3/1/19 Chicago Studio January 18, 2019
Sly Neighbors brings together a dynamic group of makers who invoke the uncanny and present forms that may feel deceptively…
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