John Michael Kohler Arts Center Artist-in-Residence: Tim Stone

“I enjoyed working at the Kohler [Arts Center]. I was able to have people come and visit and see what I do. We talked about my artwork. It was a different atmosphere. There were windows and a lot of natural light. I made different designs. It was fun.” – Tim Stone

On November 5-6, 2022, Tim Stone worked as Artist-in-Residence at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center, a museum focused on exhibiting the work of self-taught and contemporary artists, in Sheboygan, WI. The JKAC opened its doors in 1967 with the motto “All the Arts for All the People.”

Tim worked at the Social STUDIO, where visitors were able to observe Tim while he worked and visit with him about his art.

We are excited to have launched this partnership with the JKAC. We hope to repeat this extraordinary opportunity for our artists twice a year going forward. 


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