2015 Summer Leap – Art Supplies Wish List

June 1, 2015 By vincent-uribe

Show your support by helping The Arts of Life reach our goal of $20,000 – which will cover both studios’ art supply needs for the entire year. Here are some items on our wish list:$5 = One pad of paper$15 = One order of exhibition postcards$20 = One pint of glitter$20 = One month of glue$25 = Framing for one piece of artwork$50 = Four months of butcher paper$60 = Two weeks of acrylic paint$100 = Four months of paint brushes$100 = Six months of sharpies$150 = Four months of studio markers$200 = One year  of artwork labels $250 = Six months of framing costs for one artist$250 = A new pressure washer to expand the screeprinting program$350 = Production of 100 screenprinted shirts$500 = One year of framing costs for one artist $600 = Six months of canvases$800 = One month of art supplies for one studio$1,000 = Ten easels$1,000 = Cost of preparing for and carrying out one exhibition$1,000 = A new spray booth for the screenprinting program$5,000 = Creation and presentation of twenty-five community exhibitions$10,000 = One year of art supplies for one whole studio