2017 Square Foot Show Recap

April 10, 2017 By vincent-uribe

This year marked the North Shore studio’s 6th Square Foot Show. The popular annual event featured over 130 pieces of work by artists from around the region, state, country and world. Mediums varied widely, from paintings to photographs to collage work and everything in between. Skill level ranged from novice/outsider artists to professional makers. The one thing the pieces all had in common was their size; submissions were required to measure 12 inches by 12 inches. The show opened on Friday, March 24th to a packed gallery. The diverse artwork and delicious refreshments donated by Johnny’s Kitchen & Tap in Glenview guaranteed a successful evening. For many, the highlight was an hour of artist talks which gave the audience the opportunity to learn more about some of the exhibitors’ process and work. Check out the gallery below for photos from the evening. Click on an image to enlarge and move through photos using the arrows at the right and left of each. Curious about who’s in the image or what’s happening? Hover over the thumbnail with your cursor for more information. Many thanks to those who contributed work to the 2017 Square Foot Show and/or attended the opening reception. Hope to see you again next year!