A Letter From Jake Linn: Development Intern

November 18, 2019 By morgan-mandalay
Intern Jake Linn with (left to right) Alysha Kostelny, Christina Zion,
David Krueger and Bill Lilly.

This will be my last month working at Arts of Life. Although this chapter of my life is coming to an end, I have learned so much whether it be gift processing, development research, learning Guy Conners has been in more marathons than me (0), and the feeling of home.

Arts of Life has also become my extended family. Everyone there is accepting, friendly, and my co-workers allow me to learn and grow from my mistakes.

Like a home and being around your immediate family, there is always a routine. Hubert Posey greets me when I arrive, Lawrence M. and I have our special handshake, Bill Lilly talks about the band, Christina Zion and I discuss the weather, Stefan Harhaj and Susan Pasowicz ask me how my week went, Christianne Msall and Jean Wilson show me their work, I catch up with all the staff members, and then I go to work (with the exception of a lunch break where I hang out with Alysha Kostelny).

If you haven’t been to the studio yet, I highly encourage you to visit. I guarantee my interaction and connectedness with the studio will be reciprocated for you by the artists and staff. Then like me, you’ll stick around.

Thanks David, Catherine, Morgan, and Anne for this opportunity,

Jake Linn