A View From Inside The North Shore with Gail Weisman

February 17, 2017 By vincent-uribe

“It’s an artistic experience and not just visual. I feel inspired and lucky to be here.” Gail Weisman expressing her view on the North Shore Arts of Life!Gail Weisman first joined our studio for our annual Garage Sale in September 2016 purchasing an enormous piece titled Ice Cream Sunday by former artist Laura Bell. The look in her eye saying, “I have to have this” was a clear indication of her wholehearted vision for the North Shore Arts of Life. Her positive energy, artistic enthusiasm, and utter kindness warm the studio every Friday.From co-drawing and lending an ear to loving gifts that enhance our environment, Gail has been supportive and open minded of the Arts of Life mission and vision. We are blessed to have her on our team. Please enjoy an interview between artist Nikole Heusman and Gail:NH: Okay you ready?GW: I am ready!NH: Bear with me!GW: I’m very patient take your time!NH: How did you hear about Arts of Life?GW: I heard about Arts of Life from my good friend Cindy Shanker, who has been volunteering here for a long time. She spoke very highly of you and I thought it sounded like a wonderful idea to come and volunteer here because she was so positive about it.NH: I’m going to make up my own questions. So how did you get your art training?GW: Well that’s interesting because when I looked into the Arts of Life and I saw that you guys have a band I actually have more of a music background than an art background.NH: Oh wow I didn’t know that!GW: On Tuesday’s and I can’t come on Tuesday so I was just hoping I could help out in general and funny my mother was an artist and my son is an artist but it somehow skipped my generation.NH: Oh okay.GW: But, I love working with you guys and I hope that I’m helping out artistically and I’m learning! From you and from the staff here! Just so everybody else knows you really don’t need an art background to come and help out!NH: That’s right!NH: What do you like most about the Arts of Life?GW: I think I like just being with the artists and getting to know them and there’s usually as many as 12 people here and everybody has different challenges and different likes and different dislikes and I just find it really interesting to get to know them and I hope they like getting to know me! AND just seeing the beautiful works of art that you all create! Which amaze me every week.NH: What do you like most about the studio?GW: Well again, I think the best thing is the people but its just so bright and airy and the art is everywhere and it just inspires me! It makes me want to come back every week. There is just good energy in here everybody is motivated and wants to create and wants to help each other. NH: What do you feel about artists?GW: I feel in awe of the artists. I feel like you all have overcome a lot of challenges and have channeled your energy into the creative effort and learning to use so many different mediums and also learning poetry and music and drama and it’s an artistic experience and not just visual. I feel inspired and lucky to be here.NH: Okay last one. How do you feel about Arts of Life?GW: I think it’s a great organization and I’m happy to support it. I love being able to help out and you all help me out in realizing what’s important in life and how important art is to your quality of life that it makes me feel happy!NH: Well I think we got what we needed!GW: Again I’m just really glad to be here and I hope it continues to grow and flourish and I hope you all are growing and flourishing too!