Ace Hotel: “I Feel It In My Lungs, It Makes Me Happy”: An Interview with Arts of Life Artist Danny Frownfelter

December 18, 2018 By anne-cauley

Danny Frownfelter wants you to know that his birthday is March 30th. The Arts of Life artist also wants you to know about his castles made of clay, the music video he was in called “Get the Dinosaurs on the Phone,” and, of course, drinking coffee with his good friend Grace. In this installment of Inside Job — our monthly artists’ profile series led by LAND Gallery’s Sophia Cosmadopoulos — Sophia chats with Danny and Studio Manager Hilary Marshall about Danny’s painting inspirations, his band, Van Go Go and his ardent love for Jesus Christ, Superstar. 

LAND Gallery and Arts of Life are both non-profit art studios, celebrating and supporting the work of adults living with intellectual disabilities.

Sophia Cosmadopoulos: Hi Danny, how would you like to introduce yourself?

Danny Frownfelter: Hi, I am Daniel James and I am gonna sing a little “Bad Girls” song. [Starts singing]

SC: How does it feel to perform?

DF: I feel my voice in my lungs, it makes me happy. If people like the Van Go Go band, they are clapping, the audience.

SC: Do you ever get nervous?

DF: No!

SC: And you were in a music video named “Get the Dinosaurs on the Phone,” is that right?

DF: Yeah. I was in “Get the Dinosaurs on the Phone.” You can watch it.