Artist of the Month at Metric Coffee

September 13, 2019 By vincent-uribe

We’re so excited to share our new partnership with Metric Coffee, a coffee roasterie that’s just around the block from our Chicago studio. Metric’s headquarters and cafe are located at 2021 W. Fulton, and for the past two months we have been featuring a small selection of work by our artist of the month. 

Tony Perez was the first artist to be featured at Metric’s cafe

Stop by Metric for a delicious cup of coffee and see some Arts of Life work in the wild! 

Two pieces by Carolyn Kelley, the August Artist of the Month

The show has a staggered schedule, so now you can catch two artists of the months at once! Check out Carolyn Kelley’s work, up now through the 18th, then swing by the studio to see the September artist of the month Guy Conners.