Artist of the Month: June

June 14, 2017 By vincent-uribe

The Arts of Life Chicago Studio promotes peer curation through an ongoing Artist of the Month series. For the month of June, curatorial committee member Jean Wilson (JW) selected Steve Harhaj (SH) to be featured as the Artist of the Month. Once curation and installation was complete, our Arts Coordinator Ariella Miller (AM) sat down with Jean and Steve to talk about the feature. AM: Jean, why did you choose Steve to be June’s Artist of the Month?JW: Steve’s a good man. His art looks good.  AM: Steve, how does it feel to be featured for the month of June?SH: I feel so proud that she choose me for Artist of the Month. It makes me feel excited that she choose me. The only thing I could tell you is that my art looks beautiful.  AM: Jean, which one of Steve’s pieces is your favorite?JW: I think the orange (Peaches). SH: What I like is the waterfall and the pears (Waterfall, Pears and Plums).  AM: Jean, what do you like about being on the curatorial committee?JW: It’s ok. I did ok with it. It’s alright.  AM: Steve, how would you describe your work?SH: It’s different and the way I look at it, to me it makes a big difference to me. I spend a lot of time working on my artwork. What I’m working on now, it’s gonna take me forever. It’s gonna take me till Doomsday to finish.