Artist of the Month: May

May 10, 2017 By vincent-uribe

The Arts of Life Chicago Studio promotes peer curation through an ongoing Artist of the Month series. For the month of May, curatorial committee member Tim Stone (TS) selected Debbie Vazquez. Debbie’s work is characterized by bright colors, dense textures, and abstract forms. After curating and installing the work, we sat down to talk about Debbie’s work and practice. Ariella (AM): Why did you choose Debbie for May’s Artist of the Month?Tim (TS): I choose her because I really like her artwork. It pops out. AM: Can you talk about Debbie’s process and how she works?TS: She works with glitter and she works with papers and rips them.  What do you enjoy most about being on the curatorial committee?T: It gets me to know about other people. It helps me learn how to pick the right artwork and put it up and down.  Do you have a favorite piece?T: (Points at Pink Party) This one because it has different colors and it is so unique. The way she did it with different papers and tissue paper, and she painted over it with different colors.  If you had to describe Debbie’s work to someone who couldn’t see it what would you say?T: It’s happy and it looks very unique. It looks fancy because it comes up and the way she does it. Stop by the studio during the month of May to check out Debbie’s work!