Pablo Alonzo


Pablo is no longer at Arts of Life

It makes me feel proud to make art. I like to make art because it’s beautiful. Making art is like coming alive. Doing this makes me feel wonderful, positive, and happy. I just like art a lot! The ink is the most important part. I draw the lines, and I think about each line carefully. I want to make sure I get it right. I’m trying to make my artwork look realistic, close to real.  I choose what I think is interesting, anything that is hard to draw. If I’m interested, I look, and I turn it into a drawing. You’ll see a lot of details and small stuff. It makes it cool. I see a whole bunch of stuff when I look at my art. I’m inspired by interesting stuff, and also by my friend T.J. He inspires me to be a good friend. People say, “Ahhh….that’s wonderful art!” Because it IS wonderful art! I’m not trying to be the best artist in history. I like to get paid. We are all doing our best to be good at what we do.