Hannah Pratt


Hannah Pratt’s artwork is rooted simultaneously in fantasy and realism. She creates lush colored pencil drawings that feature felines from the book series, Warriors, by Erin Hunter. 

“For people who are familiar with the work, they will know it instantly without me having to say anything. The Warriors fandom is huge! It’s been going on for over 15 years… a decade and a half! I’ve been a fan since 2005. I want to become known for these drawings and have people anticipate them and talk to me about them if they’re familiar with the source. I love talking about warrior cats! I want them to anticipate what I do next.” 

Each work is brought to life through Pratt’s masterful rendering of shadow and light. She draws with a high investment in exactitude, and this attention to detail results in exquisitely rendered scenes. Careful blending and layers of pigment produce bold works, yet Pratt’s treatment of her subject matter relays a softness indicative of the artist’s observant nature. 

“The recreation of it. Well it’s measuring out the proportions and basically redrawing the original. It’s really fun because I get to see the colors the artist used and I get to choose from my pencils to mix them together and try to get a similar color. To watch it come to life, I guess. At the end, you’re like “I made that!” I just want to be the best I can be.”

Hannah just completed her first year at Arts of Life, and welcomes artwork commissions. Interested parties can inquire with the North Shore studio Art Manager.