Andy Albrecht

Art inspires me to do nice work and that makes me happy. I like to make art because I think it’s interesting and it’s cool.

When I’m at Arts of Life, I like to use paint, oil pastels, crayons and colored pencils. It’s interesting and fun to draw nature, animals, people and buildings. First, I look in a book for a picture and select one. Then I draw the shapes I see. Then I start to sketch. Then I start to fill the picture in with color.

The process and techniques I use are different from what other artists use. My technique is “Do Not Mess Up.” I make sure my picture is neat. I have a creative edge!

In my artwork, I can see different colors and the actual quality of my own project. My work makes me feel good and I’m proud of it. I think I do a nice job. My friends say that they see some great potential. And they also say that my work is interesting.

I want to try doing an art demo. I might wanna do more nature pictures. I might paint a whale one day!

My dad inspires me to do my artwork. He tells me, “I want you to do a nice job.” It makes me feel good when he says that. It makes me want to make art.