Arts of Love: 2019 Spring Appeal

May 21, 2019 By morgan-mandalay

In David Krueger’s long list of what love is (“a flower blooming in a garden,” a painting of people walking hand in hand,” “a balloon”), the writer and co-creator of Love Man stops to remind us, “When you love somebody, you’ve got to give.” We are bowled over by the love our remarkable community has demonstrated for 19 years, supporting a growing collective of artists and cultivating their creative practices.

Krueger doesn’t stop there, “If you love somebody, you got to stick with it.” Today, the generosity of individuals makes up nearly a quarter of our annual budget, proving that every bit of love truly helps. We are asking today that you stick with us and continue to support our artists’ work happening inside and outside of the studio.

Art isn’t merely a vocation for our artists, but a means of expanding their skills in critical thinking, creative problem solving, self-discovery, and community engagement. Our artists are active members in the Chicago-land art scene, with regular exhibitions at art galleries, community centers, and businesses around the region. Not only that, through the professional development opportunities within the Artist Enterprise Program, the curatorial committees are working with guest curators to put on stunning exhibitions featuring a wide range of artistic talent and our educators regularly lead workshops for students with regional partner organizations.

As we look to next fiscal year, we are committed to expanding the reach of each Arts of Life artist. Will you help to advance this critical part of our mission to increase both the visibility and the opportunities we offer artists? Your gift now will directly support the individual creative practices of over 60 artists, the educational opportunities we provide our partner organizations, and the ongoing improvements to both studio galleries: Circle Contemporary and OPEN.

We need to raise $65,000 by June 14 in order to ensure this vital programming remains available to our artists year-round. With the generosity of our community and the support of a generous $15,000 challenge grant, we are confident we can make that goal. We hope you will stick with Arts of Life and make a tax deductible donation today! <3