Being in Harmony with Nature: A Collection of Poems from Chris Viau

June 4, 2015 By vincent-uribe

This April, artist and poet Chris Viau self-published “a book of poems about the balance that we face in this high tech world and nature,” titled Being in Harmony with Nature. This book follows his 2011 release of Chicago’s Seasons, a collection of poems focused on weather and it’s effects.A long time fixture at The Arts of Life North Shore studio, Chris illustrated his recent publication with original landscape drawings and paintings. He hopes his words and images encourage readers to consider “how we cannot live without nature.”In his poem “A Little White Tree,” Chris picks one small piece out of the whole of nature and observes it with curiosity.  A Little White TreeYou stand out in the woods.Your bark is white.Your leaves are round.Do the birds know you as a tree?Does one bird love to sit in your branches? This poem is one of many found in Being in Harmony with Nature, which is available in paperback and e-book formats via (CLICK HERE). Chris’ first book, Chicago Seasons, is also available online (CLICK HERE). To see more of Chris’s visual art, check out his page on our website (CLICK HERE).  Our hearty congratulations to Chris on his new book. We look forward to many more poems, paintings and publications from the talented Mr. Viau.