Blogging with Guy – January 11, Sunday

January 13, 2015 By vincent-uribe

I woke up at 9:31a.m.  I weighed one hundred seventy-two point five pounds in the bathroom.  In the late morning and downstairs, I solved Sudoku level 3 in the Chicago Tribune in the living room.  I read the USA Hockey.  Dad and I made brunch.  In the afternoon, in our classic silver metallic Toyota Prius, during the ride, I texted Elizabeth Monique Longo and Aunt Deborah Magee Yasutake.  I went with him to the United Center to meet everybody.  Mr. Drews talked to us in the auxiliary locker room. In the midafternoon, the man took our pictures.  I skated point three one two five mile.  Everyone took our pictures.  Mr. Drews talked to us, again.  The white team played against the red team.  We lost ten to eight.  Upstairs, we went to Goose Island Pub at four forty-nine p.m.  I watched the Denver Broncos versus Indianapolis Colts game on CBS Sports.  In the late afternoon/early evening, we ordered some food and beverages.  We took our pictures. In the evening, I texted Lauren Celine Sparrow, Catherine N. Norcott, Caitlin Marie Law, Mr. Kevin Loren Hiller, and Ann Martha Zeller.  I watched the Chicago Blackhawks versus Minnesota Wild game with everyone.  Dad and I went to snack bar at seven twenty-seven.  I stretched my legs.  We went to another snack bar at seven twenty-nine.  I bought a vanilla ice cream bar with milk chocolate and some almonds.  I took a picture.  I texted Caitlin Law, David Robert Tedder Henderson, Cara Miwa Zeller, Anthony Philip Zeller, Ann Martha Zeller, Sarah Koga Cooper, and Dad (Rick Conners, Junior).  We watched an ice hockey game.  The Blackhawks won four to one. In our hybrid hatchback, I read the Sports Illustrated.  I texted Lauren Sparrow, Catie Norcott, Sara Jennifer Bemer, Michael Edward Lucius, Dave Henderson, Mr. Kevin Hiller, Cara Zeller, Tony Zeller, Ann Zeller, and Sarah Cooper.  Mom, Dad and I went back home.  In the late night evening, I read More Max Danger and Soldier in the Rain in the basement.  I ran fourteen point three five miles this week.  My mileage total for two thousand fifteen is eighteen point five miles.  I added my total time which was one hour, fifty-seven minutes, thirty-one seconds, and sixty-eight cent seconds.  In the late-night, I went to sleep in my room.