Blogging with Guy – January 20, Tuesday

January 20, 2015 By vincent-uribe

Dad woke me up at 5:58a.m.  Today was no Arts of Life because it was Martin Luther King, Junior Day.  In the morning, I weighed one hundred seventy-two point five pounds by myself in the bathroom.  In our magnetic gray metallic Toyota Prius during the ride, I read the USA Hockey.  I went with Dad to Alliance Financial, LLC to see Peter Joe Ayers Elmhurst at six fifty.  I defrosted homestyle waffle by myself and toasted the waffles.  I watched Familyland American Dad! on the Safari.  I read the Chicago Tribune and the Runner’s World.  I watched And Baby Makes Four and A House Devided Girlfriends.  In the late morning, I texted Lauren Celine Sparrow and Dad.  I did shredding again by myself.  I drew a still life with a black and white man in my book.  In the late morning/early afternoon, I emailed dad.  We ordered sausage and hot guardiniera pizza.  In the afternoon, I took some pictures.  I texted Catherine N. Norcott, Cara Zeller, Tony Zeller, Sara Koga Cooper, Joseph Takenori Conners and Mom (Sandra Conners).  In our hybrid hatchback, I read a hockey magazine by myself.  I went with Dad (Rick Conners, Junior) to Jewel-Osco in Oak Lawn.  We bought some groceries.  In our magnetic gray metallic hybrid hatchback, I texted Catie Norcott at one sixteen.  Dad and I went back home back in Chicago.  We talked on Face Time with Aiyla Miyuki Zeller, Cara Miwa Zeller, Anthony Philip Zeller, and Charles in the kitchen.  Upstairs, I took a nap by myself in Cara’s room.  In the late afternoon and downstairs, I washed the knife and the cutting board.  In the late afternoon/early evening, Mom and I drove to CVS/pharmacy in our classic silver metallic Toyota Prius and went to Beverly Yoga Center to meet everyone.  Monica Bright talked to us while we did yoga.  Mom and I went to Starbucks Coffee at six fifty-six.  She and I bought dark coffee beans and a football game.  We drove back home in our hatchback.  I heated pork with stuffing.  I made a pineapple upside down cake.  I took a picture again.  I texted Sara Jennifer Bemer, Caitlin Marie Law, David Robert Tedder, Henderson, and Cara.  Afterwards, I watched the Cleveland Cavaliers versus Chicago Bulls game on TNT Sports HD in Mom and Dad’s room.  The Bulls lost one hundred eight to ninety-four.  In the late-night evening, I washed the knives again.  In the late night, I went to sleep in my room.