Blogging with Guy – Monday, May 18, 2015

May 25, 2015 By vincent-uribe

I woke up at 7:05 a.m.  Today was Sean’s birthday.  I weighed one hundred seventy-four pounds in the bathroom.  Downstairs, I heated oatmeal.  I washed the plastic lid.  The Dodge Grand Caravan number three eight nine one came at eight twelve.  On the minivan, I solved easy circular sudokus in the book.  I arrived at The Arts of Life, Inc. to see everybody at nine o’four.  I went to the café at nine o’five.  Afterwards, I watched I Like It – Drive Angry Hydrogen truck in the wellness room.  I drew my portrait in the studio.  I went back to the café at ten twenty-two.  In the Nissan Quest, I read new sports magazines.  I went with Noel Christine Morieal, Michael John Marino, and David Ray Krueger to the garden to see everyone at ten thirtyteen.  We saw chickens.  We worked on plantings.  Mike Marino, Dave Kruger, and I watered the plants then went to a green house.  We watered the plants again.  I washed the paintbrushes in the restroom.  I went back to the café again at one fifty-one.  On the Pace ADA Paratransit Service number three nine two two, I watched videos.  I rested and closed my eyes.  In the late afternoon, I arrived back home.  I got a new black large duffel for my birthday present in the mail.  In the evening upstairs, I watched videos of Aiyla Miyuki Zeller from the day care in Oakland, California with Mom (Sandra Lynn Yasutake Conners) and Dad ( Richard Russell Conners, Junior) in Mom and his room.  I read the Chicago Tribune on my white iPad in the living room.  I heated some food.  In the mid evening, I watched the Chicago White Sox versus Cleveland Indians game on Comcast SportsNet HD in the family room.  The White Sox won two to one.  In the late night evening, I washed the knife.  In the late-night, I went to sleep in my room.