Blogging with Guy – Saturday, March 14, 2015

March 17, 2015 By vincent-uribe

I woke up at 8:09 am.  I didn’t weigh on a scale because Residence Inn doesn’t have them.  We grilled waffles.  In the midmorning, I read the Runner’s World in the bathroom.  In the late morning, Lisa talked to us.  She took our pictures.  In the MCIE4500 during the ride, I drew a still life with fireworks.  In the late morning/early afternoon, we arrived at Shirk Center and went to the Special Olympics basketball tournament.  We watched a basketball game.  Lisa talked to us again.  I read a running magazine by myself.  Downstairs, I went with everyone to the track and field.  We watched a game.  In the midafternoon, I played basketball and scored four points.  William Herman Frieske talked to us.  The Mount Greenwood Buzzards played against the red team.  The Buzzards lost thirty-two to nineteen.  In the late afternoon, the other person talked to us.  On the charter bus, I drew Lauren Katherine Conrad’s portrait.  We arrived at McDonald’s.  We bought shamrock milk shakes with whipped cream with cherries on top.  Lisa talked to us some more.  She took our pictures again.  On The Free Enterprise System, I read a magazine. We arrived back to Residence Inn.  In the late afternoon/early evening and afterwards, William Herman Frieske, Shawn Scott, and I watched Graveyard Carz.  We went to The Market at five fifty-five p.m.  I bought lemonade for some money.  The male cashier gave me change.  In the evening, Lisa Marie Mulcrone talked to us in the bedroom number four one three.  Nicole Ashley Blake, Bill Frieske, Shawn, and I watched “Jurassic Park” on AMC in the bedroom number four one two.  We rode on the bus to Redbird Arena and went to the Special Olympics ceremonies at Horton Field House.  We watched the games.  I bought gloves for some money again.  The female cashier gave me change.  Dave Hernandez, John Dunleavy, Matthew Buck, and I danced.  In the mid evening in the MCI, Lisa Mulcrone talked to use.  I watched the program on the channel.  We arrived back to Residence Inn at nine thirty-one.  I got crabby.  In the late-night, we went to sleep.