Blogging with Guy – Saturday, March 7, 2015

March 10, 2015 By vincent-uribe

Mom woke me up at 6:47 a.m.  I weighed one hundred seventy-two pounds by myself in the bathroom.  Downstairs, I emailed Dad.  Mom and I saw Tanya Renee Coffman and Claire Noel Concannon.  I read the USA Hockey in Evergreen Park.  We parked the Concannon’s Burgundy Honda Civic by Palos Park Recreation Department to meet Vikie, Margie Tucker, Gale Lorenz Stoffregen, Karen Sue Leavitt, and Margaret Ann O’sullivan.  I ran ten miles.  My running time of one hour, twenty-eight minutes, and fifty-five seconds.  We went to the Palos Park Recreation Department.  In the late morning in the Concannon’s sedan during the ride, I solved a medium kakuro in the book in Palos Heights.  Tanya Conffman, Claire Concannon, Mom (Sandra Lynnn Yasutake Conners), and I parked the Concannon’s Honda by Fannie May and went to Harvest Room to meet Karen Leavitt, Jeffrey Scott Leavitt, Gale Stoffregen, and Dad (Rachard Russell Conners, Junior).  I texted Lauren Celine Sparrow, Catherine N. Norcott, Sara Jennifer Bemer, Karen, Cara Zeller, and Dad.  I ordered chicken and waffles and hot chocolate with whipped cream and chocolate syrup.  I took some pictures.  I got my allowance from last Saturday. In the late morning/early afternoon, in our magnetic gray metallic Toyota Prius, Mom gave me my allowance from today.  I read a hockey magazine.  I went with mom and Dad to Style 95 Barbershop in Oak Lawn at eleven fifty-three.  In the afternoon, the male barber cut our hair.  In our hybrid hatchback, I texted Cara and Aunt Debbie Yasutake.  Mom, Dad, and I went back home.  Afterwards, I watched a slideshow on my black and silver laptop in the basement.  I rested in Cara’s room and closed my eyes.  I texted Albert John Korzec and Dad in the living room at three fifty-four p.m.  I read the Chicago Tribune on my white iPad.  I emailed him. In the late afternoon, I texted Paul Kenneth Rohde, Kelli Jo Becker, Caitlin Marie Law, Ann Martha Zeller, and Janette Sakamoto Koga.  We talked on FaceTime with Aiyala Miyuki Zeller, Cara Miwa Zeller, Anthony Philip Zeller, and Charles in the kitchen.  In the late afternoon/early evening and upstairs, I shaved my face and neck.  In the evening, I toasted hamburger buns.  In the late evening, I texted Lauren Sparrow, Catie Norcott, Sara Bemer and Aunt Deborah Magee Yasutake.  In the late-night, I went to sleep by myself in my room.