Blogging with Guy – Tuesday, January 6, 2014

January 6, 2015 By vincent-uribe

In the morning, I woke up.  Today was Heidi’s birthday.  I read the Sports Illustrated in the bathroom.  I weighed one hundred seventy-two point five pounds.  Downstairs, I emailed Sara Jennifer Bember, Catherine N. Norcott, Vincent Urbie, and Dad in the living room.  I texted Dad (Rick Conners, Junior).  I made some orange juice by myself.  The Dodge Grand Caravan number three seven three seven came at eight thirty-two a.m.  On the wheelchair van, I solved Sudoku 50 in the Japanese book.  In the midmorning, I texted Lauren Celine Sparrow, Heidi Elizabeth Zeller, and Mom (Sandra Lynn Conners).  I arrived at The Arts of Life, Inc. to see everybody at nine thirty-eight and didn’t bring my hat and my yellow earplugs.  I read Children of God in the wellness room.  In the late morning and late morning/early afternoon, I drew a still life with a dog from their house in the studio.  David Ray Krueger talked to us.  I drew it by myself.  I emailed Mom.  I texted Elsie Luyun Han and Ann Martha Zeller.  I went with everybody to the café.  I solved puzzle 48 by myself.  In the afternoon, Lauren Celine Sparrow, Catie Norcott, Pablo Alonzo, Steve Harhaj, Kristopher K. Schenkel, Kelly Stone, Michael John Marino, and the other person talked to us.  I emailed Dad in the art studio.  We went back to the café.  William Woodow Lilly and I swept the floor.  We mopped the floor.  I emailed Dad again.  Kris Schenkel talked to us.  I went back to the café again and to Sara and Emily’s office.  I drew a still life.  Lauren Sparrow and Dave Krueger talked to us.  I washed the paintbrushes by myself in the restroom.  I went back to the café some more at one fifty-three p.m.  I solved Sudoku 49.  On the Pace ADA Paratransit Service number three eight six three, I texted Caitlin Marie Law, Elizabeth Monique Longo, Michelle Elizabeth Korec, Albert John Korzec, and Mom (Sandra Conners).  We took a nap.  I arrived back home at three seventeen.  I read a fall sports magazine in the basement.  Upstairs, I texted Catie.  In the late afternoon/early evening, I washed the white toilet seat and the floor.  Mom and I drove to CVS/pharmacy in our classic silver metallic Toyota Prius and went to Beverly Yoga Center to meet everyone.  We did yoga.   I cleaned the brown yoga mat.  Mom and I drove back home in our hybrid hatchback.  I texted Catie again at seven thirty-one.  I washed the Houston Rockets versus Chicago Bulls game on Comcast SportsNet HD by myself in Mom and Dad’s room.  Mom, he, and I talked on Face Time with Aiyla Miyuki Zeller, Cara Miwa Zeller, Anthony Philip Zeller, and Charles in the family room.  I texted Elsie Luyun, Al Korzec, Heidi Zeller, and Ann Zeller.  I read a sports magazine by myself.  In the mid evening, the Bulls won one hundred fourteen to one hundred five.  In the late evening and afterwards, I watched a slideshow.  I texted Catie some more at ten twenty-eight.  In the late-night, I washed the knife and the cutting board by myself.  In the late night, I went to sleep in my room.