Blogging with Guy – Tuesday, October 21, 2014

October 21, 2014 By vincent-uribe

I woke up at 7:03am.  I read Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH and look at This F*cking Hipster in the bathroom.  I weighed one hundred seventy-four point five pounds.  Downstairs, I texted Grandpa (Richard Russell Conners, Junior).  I emailed mom (Sandra Lynn Yasutake Conners).  the Dodge Grand Caravan number six zero six one came.  on the Pace ADA Paratransit Service, I texted mom and dad.  I talked to uncle Gregory Chad Yasutake.  I texted Cara Miwa Zeller at eight forty-four.  In the midmorning and during the ride, I solved sudoku 47 in the book by myself.  I arrived at The Arts of Life, Inc. to see everybody at nine fifty-six and went to the cafe.  In the late morning, I sprayed matte.  I drew a still life with a peeled orange and a vanilla ice cream cone in the studio.  In the late morning/early afternoon, I sprayed matte again.  I went back to the cafe at eleven thirty-one.  I saw the Mended in nineteen forty-eight-two thousand six years ago.  In the afternoon, I took some pictures of my artwork.  I texted Paul Kenneth Rohde, David Robert Tedder Henderson, Emily Anne Lyons, Cara Zeller, Joseph Takenori Conners, and mom (Sandra Conners).  I read the Sports Illustrated by myself in the restroom.  I went back to the cafe again at twelve thirty p.m.  Steve Harhaj, Kristopher K. Schenkel, and Michael John Marino talked to us.  Sarah Pauline Gilbert, Inbal Amit, Susan Lucy Petzold, and I swept the floor.  William Woodow Lilly and I mopped it.  I drew a still life with an ice cream cone.  I washed the paintbrushes.  I went back to the cafe some more.  I saw the Mendel again.  Catherine N. Norcott talked to us.  On the Pace ADA Paratransit Service number three eight two seven, I texted Elizabeth Monique Longo, Daniel Christopher Keenan, Albert John Korzec, Ann Martha Zeller, Sarah Koga Cooper, and mom.  I took a nap by myself.In the midafternoon, I texted Emily SUsan Smith.  I arrived back home at three eleven.  I heated Polish susage for The Arts of Life, Inc. next day.  Upstairs, I solved puzzles in Cara’s room from today.  In the late afternoon, I drew Trixie Fontaine in the notebook in my room.  I read books in the living room on the first floor.  In the late afternoon/early evening, mom and I drove to CVS/pharmacy in our classic silver metallic Toyota Prius and went to Beverly Yoga Center to meet every one on the second floor.  Karen Carvlin taught yoga.  Mom and I went back to our parked hybrid hatchback by CVS/pharmacy and drove back home.  I watched the Chicago Bulls at Cleveland Cavaliers game on Comcast Sports Net HD.  The Bulls lost one hundred seven to ninety-eight.  I texted everyone.  I talked on a Face Time with Ayla Miyuki Zeller and Cara.  I watched the Houston Texans at Pittsburgh Steelers Monday Night Football on ESPN HD.  I texted everyone.  In the late-night evening, I drew Trixie in the basement.  Afterwards, I watched a slideshow.  I went to sleep.