Brian Reed: Ten Years Strong

January 14, 2020 By megan-harrigan

Meet Brian Reed, the longest tenured artist at our North Shore studio! Brian joined our studio in June of 2010 and has grown from maker to professional artist and educator over the past ten years. Take a peek at an insider conversation between Brian and North Shore staffer, Megan Harrigan, about his experience here.

Megan: Did you know that you are the longest tenured artist at our North Shore studio?

Brian: No, I didn’t.

Megan: What do you think about that?

Brian: I love it!

Megan: Do you remember your first day at the studio?

Brian: Yes. I met Hilary, Denise and her dog Tucker. I made some art. I was happy and excited because I like making art and meeting people.

Brian Reed, Trees, 2010

Megan: Do you remember what kind of art you made on your first day?Brian: Circles. I used oil pastels to make circles.

Megan: What did the circles represent to you?

Brian: Happiness. They make me happy a lot.

Megan: Why do circles make you feel happy?

Brian: Because I get to see them a lot.

Brian Reed, Walter’s Face, 2019

Megan: How has your art practice grown over the past ten years?

Brian: I make things out of clay—my dad’s face with clay. Pastels. Acrylic paint. I made a collage of my dad, too. I love it.

Megan: What is your favorite medium to work with?

Brian: Clay. I like the feel of the clay. How it squeezes in my hands. I make great things.

Megan: Arts of Life now offers career track options to studio artists, and you are a member of the educator track. What’s it like?

Brian: It’s a lot of fun giving demos to people. I like telling other people about my art. I like meeting new people, too.

Megan: How has your life changed in the past ten years?

Brian: I do a really good job on my art making. I live in a group home. My dad passed away.

Megan: Those are major changes! When you look back at your younger self, do you feel as if you are the same Brian or a better and stronger version of you?

Brian: Better and Stronger. I’m good artist. I have fun with my friends here. I’m friendly to them, too. I’m happy to be here.