Volunteers Matter

May 17, 2019 By Lexi Krebs

Volunteers are an inertial part of our community. They provide support and stability to almost every aspect within daily studio…
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Two women talking while seated.

Chicago Studio Volunteer Spotlight: Mary Ruppert

May 17, 2019 By Catherine Norcott

Mary Ruppert has had a long term interest in participating in intentional community.  She first explored it as a member…
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Two women, seated, looking at fabric samples on a desk.

Thoughts on Creativity from Chicago Studio Volunteers

April 12, 2019 By Catherine Norcott

Volunteers contribute in so many ways to the rich creative community at Arts of Life.  They are active in the…
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North Shore Volunteer Spotlight: Jack Foster

February 8, 2019 By Lexi Krebs

Welcome! Jack is one of our newest volunteers, starting at our North Shore studio late in November. His compassionate and…
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North Shore Volunteer Spotlight: Emilia Smith

January 18, 2019 By Lexi Krebs

Emilia Smith joined the North Shore studio community in late November of 2018. In such a short time, she has…
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Two women laughing, one standing, one seated,

Chicago Studio Volunteer Spotlight: Samantha Presser

January 18, 2019 By Catherine Norcott

On most Tuesdays, you can meet Samantha Presser at Arts of Life as she mingles with our studio artists.  Since…
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North Shore Volunteer Spotlight: Isabel Ornelas

December 14, 2018 By Lexi Krebs

Isabel joined our studio in October of this year as an intern. She is a navy vet, with a background…
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North Shore Volunteer Spotlight: Rita Hirami

November 16, 2018 By Diane Florian

  "We’re so glad that Rita returned after her brief hiatus! She’s such a pleasure to have in the studio.…
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North Shore Volunteer Spotlight: Luis Lara Aguiluz

October 12, 2018 By Diane Florian

Over the years, I have learned to embrace the unpredictable nature of a day. While this helps me remain calm…
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North Shore Volunteer Spotlight: Fermin Pulido

September 14, 2018 By Diane Florian

"De las semanas que he estado aqui, me he dado cuenta de la dedicación, del afecto, la paciencia y el…
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