Celebrating Hilary

June 12, 2019 By lexi-krebs

This month Arts of Life said farewell to North Shore Studio Manager Hilary Marshall; who had been with Arts of Life since 2010. Hilary made the bittersweet decision late last year to leave Arts of Life in order to attend her grad program full time. Her dedication to Arts of Life and its values will be unmatched. She has been a friend, a leader and support for all those that have joined Arts of Life. It is hard to imagine what the studio will look like without her. We do know her impact will continue on in the relationships she formed with all the Artists and staff and the stories they will tell.

So how does one say goodbye and thank you to someone who was so significant to the North Shore? The answer is a throw a massive “surprise” going-away party!!  On Hilary’s last day as studio manger, the North Shore studio threw a party celebrating their friend Hilary. There was a spread of her favorite treats. Artists told their favorite Hilary stories and wished her farewell. There was crying and hugging and laughing and buttons with her face on them! No Arts of Life party would be complete without a few wigs, a photo booth and karaoke. Equal parts sad and silly; it was an entire day dedicated to Hilary and a perfect send-off! 

Hilary will be deeply missed by everyone at Arts of Life! We wish her well and know she will be an amazing occupational therapist!