CHI Studio Volunteer Training

February 14, 2018 By vincent-uribe

Last year The Arts of Life’s Chicago Studio worked with over 50 volunteers, most of whom volunteered directly with our artists.  Each of the volunteers in this role participated in a series of tasks to become a volunteer and underwent multiple days of training in the studio.  Below are the steps to becoming a volunteer.

Step 1: Fill out an online application 

Step 2: Studio Visit

Visit the studio for a tour and information session Staff will schedule a session with you once you’ve applied.

Step 3: Attend a Volunteer Orientation

These sessions have multiple components.  We begin by showing orientation videos which discuss our four core values, relationship building, the studio’s facilitation philosophy, and volunteer logistics.  Staff then go over other general tips and policies with volunteers.  Volunteers are shown how to use a project plan to help artists map out their work and how to log their volunteer hours in our database.  Finally, we cover how to report abuse and keep yourself and our community safe from communicable diseases.

Step 4: Training in the Studio

Some stuff just cannot be covered in an orientation session, so it is followed up with some hands on training in the studio.  When they begin a regular schedule, volunteers spend their first few days shadowing studio staff and learning different studio systems.  These include: preparing lunches, getting to know the artists and their goals, understanding our daily clean up system, supporting artists in accessing their end of day rides, labeling finished artwork, and facilitating and taking notes on artists goals.  We appreciate our volunteers taking time to learn about our unique community and all of the individuals in it so they can best serve the studio!