CHI Volunteer Spotlight: Kiley Hensrud

March 10, 2017 By vincent-uribe

Since September of last year, Kiley Hensrud has been volunteering regularly at our Chicago Studio.  Kiley’s experience with art through schooling and her own practice allows her to bring fresh eyes to our artists’ projects and to draw creative inspiration for her own work from our community.  We sat down with Kiley to learn more about her experience in our studio and interests outside of art.       How did you get involved with The Arts of Life?“I saw some artwork in a Starbucks when I was in Lakeview from The Arts of Life and thought that was cool so then I googled the organization and found you guys.” What is your background in terms of school and your practice?“I got my BFA from Indiana University in May and now I’m the assistant store manager at Free People, which is a creative clothing, home, and lifestyle brand.  I like to create.  I take things apart and put them back together, like antique windows.  It is kind of sad but also kind of cool.  I’ve also used chicken cage in my art… really just anything I find on the streets I like to put into my work.”  What are some of your favorite aspects of volunteering at The Arts of Life?“I like getting to know people and their artwork here and how much it says about them.  The artists here give me ideas too, and then I go home and take things apart.  Everyone wants to be here which is really nice to see, there is a really positive energy and it is nice to take that home.  Then you end up talking about it to other people too, and then they get involved and they look it up and it is sort of contagious.”   What do you like to do outside of volunteering?“I like to throw or do ceramics, I like to run in my neighborhood, I like to just go find creative things in the community, I like to read, I like to hike, I love to ski.  I went to Switzerland two years ago to the alps on a ski trip, which is the largest mountain I’ve done.  I like listening to music, some metal and blues music. Some of my favorite musicians are Whiteny, Tame Impala, Elephant Revival, Sailor Poon!!, Patti Smith, and the Dixie Chicks.”  Thanks Kiley for all you do for our studio! Check out photos of Kiley’s artwork below.