CHI Volunteer Spotlight: Megan Capps

September 14, 2017 By vincent-uribe

A member of the Chicago Studio since January, Megan Capps is by far one of our most patient, kind, and daring volunteers.  “I learned about The Arts of Life from Vincent a few years ago,” she said.  “I met Vincent through mutual friends in the art community, going to shows at LVL3, or see him out dancing.  Through him I learned about The Arts of Life Band, attended shows, came to a Chili Cook Off.  I knew I wanted to get involved.  I wanted to volunteer for a really long time, and once I finished school in December I had the time.”   Megan studied Art and Photography at Columbia College, where she minored in Women’s and Gender Studies.  “I am from an art background,” she said.  “My practice is kind of all over the place.  I use primarily photography as a tool for performance and self-portraiture, video work, and some sculpture.  I have an interest in pursuing a Masters in Creative Arts Therapy.”   Megan had a lot to say about her experience at the Chicago Studio.  “I enjoy how supportive everyone is of one another’s practice,” she said.  “I feel like it’s a really welcoming environment.”   Throughout her time here she has had the chance to form strong relationships with many studio artists.  “I am fortunate enough to have a small unique bond with each artist, whether it’s an inside joke or something we have in common,” she said.  “Benji and I like to talk about music.  Frances cracks me up.  We could just have eye contact and start laughing.  I really love everyone’s sense of humor.  Everyone’s just so lovely.  I learn the most information from Kris, he is like a walking encyclopedia.  Steve is a really great storyteller.  I like Jean’s self-confidence.  Sue shows me new jewelry every week, that’s a highlight of my day.  Everyone is awesome.”   Beyond the artists themselves, Megan also appreciates the artistic energy in the studio.  “I feel like I’m constantly learning at the studio and, even though I’m only here one day a week, it’s the highlight of my week,” she said.  “I feel like some of the coolest work I’ve seen made in Chicago over the last year is coming out of this studio.”  Photos of Megan’s artwork can be viewed below.  Many of her pieces secretly incorporate her lucky number.  “I really love basketball,” Megan explained.  “Larry Bird is my favorite basketball player.  I somehow always manage to incorporate his jersey number into my work.  Not always the number itself but like doing something 33 times or doing something for a length of time like 33 minutes.”    In her spare time Megan enjoys scoping out art venues, listening to music, and watching TV.  “I like house music, anything you can dance to,” she said.  “For TV I like cooking shows and things on conspiracy theory.  I like to make my own work, go to museums, go to openings, support local artist, make faces with my food… I’ve been really into that lately.”  Megan’s food faces, artwork, and more can be found on her Instagram @larry_bird_jr._.