CHI Volunteer Spotlight: Tiffany Brinkman

June 14, 2017 By vincent-uribe

The Chicago Studio was excited to welcome back long-time volunteer Tiffany Brinkman two days a week this spring for an internship course she is taking at DePaul University.  She first began volunteering at The Arts of Life two years ago through the DePaul Community Service Scholarship.  This past quarter, she used her increased time with us to support studio writing projects in addition to regular volunteer duties.   “Because I enjoy creative writing, I’ve helped artists a lot with their comic strips or their graphic novels,” said Tiffany.  “And I also enjoy helping artists with their social media pages, coming up with cool hashtags or phrases to use on Instagram.”  Studio artists who are interested in story as an art form appreciated Tiffany’s expertise.  She regularly facilitated story development activities one to one with artists, offering techniques to build their writing skills.  For Tiffany, the Chicago studio offered a supportive space for collaboration.  “I love the community and how everyone genuinely loves and cares for one another,” she said.  “I also like how welcoming everyone is.”     Tiffany’s experience with story and writing outside of the studio has informed the work she is doing with studio artists.  “I like film and writing and poetry which sometimes intertwines with projects that artists have here,” she said.  “I enjoy writing screenplays and writing nonfiction and fiction stories.  This past spring I finished making my first short film which was a fun project.” At DePaul, Tiffany is majoring in Digital Cinema with a concentration in Screenwriting and English with a concentration in Creative Writing.  She is minoring in Community Service Studies.  In her spare time, she enjoys watching TV and participating in a comedy group.  “I do a lot of improv,” she said.  “I’m a big TV enthusiast as well.  I could sit down and watch TV for days.  I really love Girls, Veep, and Transparent.”  You can catch Tiffany’s all women improv team at The Annoyance Theatre & Bar on Wednesday’s at 9:30pm for just $5.