Chicago Studio Awards Show Recap

November 17, 2017 By vincent-uribe

Last month at the Chicago Studio we celebrated the accomplishments of all our artists at the annual 2017 Awards Show. Complete with paparazzi, the celebration included a gallery exhibition showcasing the best work created by each Chicago Studio artist this year.

Whisk and Logan Square Dinner Share generously donated food for a sit down dinner, and Middle Brow Beer Co. donated delicious craft brews.The artists and the awards they won are as follows:

  • Maria Vanik: Circle Award
  • Alysha Kostelny: Circle Award
  • Stefan Harhaj: Enthusiasm Award
  • Antonio (Tony) Perez: Friendship Award
  • Elisha Preston: Personality Award
  • Alexander Scott: Self-Awareness Award
  • Tim Stone: Determination Award
  • Robert (Bobby) Verran: Integrity Award
  • Kelly Stone: Kindness Award
  • Bill Lilly: Growth Award
  • Mike Marino: Independence Award
  • Christianne Msall: Bravery Award
  • Christina Zion: Rock Star Award
  • Kris Schenkel: Professionalism Award
  • Lee Draus: Self Advocacy Award
  • Hubert Posey: Role Model Award
  • Debbie Vasquez: Mendel Brondfeld Award
  • Lawrence M: Ann Gunsberg Award
  • Linda Ruzga: Veronica Cuculich Award
  • Susan (Sue) Pasowicz: Wooden Shoes Award
  • Benjamin (Benji) Torres: Learning Award
  • Frances Roberts: Artistic Expression Award
  • Carolyn (Carrie) Kelley: Artistic Expression Award
  • Isamu Guy Conners: Teaching Award
  • Jean Wilson: Creativity Award
  • David Krueger: Artist of the Year

It was a special night that brought together staff, family, friends, volunteers and artists in order to show how proud the community is of our amazing, creative artists.