Chicago Studio Awards Show Recap

November 17, 2017 By admin

Last month at the Chicago Studio we celebrated the accomplishments of all our artists at the annual 2017 Awards Show. Complete with paparazzi, the celebration included a gallery exhibition showcasing the best work created by each Chicago Studio artist this year.

Whisk and Logan Square Dinner Share generously donated food for a sit down dinner, and Middle Brow Beer Co. donated delicious craft brews.The artists and the awards they won are as follows:

  • Maria Vanik: Circle Award
  • Alysha Kostelny: Circle Award
  • Stefan Harhaj: Enthusiasm Award
  • Antonio (Tony) Perez: Friendship Award
  • Elisha Preston: Personality Award
  • Alexander Scott: Self-Awareness Award
  • Tim Stone: Determination Award
  • Robert (Bobby) Verran: Integrity Award
  • Kelly Stone: Kindness Award
  • Bill Lilly: Growth Award
  • Mike Marino: Independence Award
  • Christianne Msall: Bravery Award
  • Christina Zion: Rock Star Award
  • Kris Schenkel: Professionalism Award
  • Lee Draus: Self Advocacy Award
  • Hubert Posey: Role Model Award
  • Debbie Vasquez: Mendel Brondfeld Award
  • Lawrence M: Ann Gunsberg Award
  • Linda Ruzga: Veronica Cuculich Award
  • Susan (Sue) Pasowicz: Wooden Shoes Award
  • Benjamin (Benji) Torres: Learning Award
  • Frances Roberts: Artistic Expression Award
  • Carolyn (Carrie) Kelley: Artistic Expression Award
  • Isamu Guy Conners: Teaching Award
  • Jean Wilson: Creativity Award
  • David Krueger: Artist of the Year

It was a special night that brought together staff, family, friends, volunteers and artists in order to show how proud the community is of our amazing, creative artists.