Chicago Studio is Intrigued at the IMC

September 2, 2015 By vincent-uribe

Last Friday, we drove all the way to Champaign-Urbana.  We kept pulling over along the way for rest stops, and Dave fell asleep.  Jean was rocking out the whole way!  We were going to see our art show at a gallery in the Independent Media Center. I went with Jean, Dave, Pablo and Tim.  Vincent and Catie did the driving. I was excited for this show!  I felt so proud.  The work looked amazing.  Tim picked out all the pieces.  He planned the show with the gallery director there.  At the reception, I met some new people, and got to talk with them about my art.  Outside the gallery, they were having a big festival with lots of corn and some bands playing.  At the end of the night, we drove back.  I was so sleepy, but I would love to go again sometime!