Chicago Studio Volunteer Spotlight: Elaina Lorence

March 16, 2016 By vincent-uribe

Since her first day in the studio Elaina has jumped right in and been a pivotal part of the Arts of Life community!  Always bright and bursting with energy—Elaina has earned a special place in the heart of our studio! Read on to learn more about this wonderful woman.How did you get involved with the Arts of Life? I became involved with Arts of Life through an art internship program at DePaul University. I had other students tell me how wonderful of a place the studio was and decided to dedicate my services to the studio, and I’m so glad I did! Since my goals are to become a Clinical Psychologist specialized in Art Therapy, I found Arts of Life to be a wonderful place to volunteer at. What is your background (School/practice)?I’m Studying Psychology with a Human Services concentration and a Minor in Studio Arts. How long have you been involved with the Arts of Life? I started in January, so almost two months now. But I’m not going anywhere anytime soon so I plan on continuing my time at the studio for as long as I can! What are some of your favorite aspects of volunteering at the Arts of Life?That’s a tough question, but to start I can never emphasize enough about how wonderful the community is within the Arts of Life. Being within the studio and interacting with the artists make my day and I always end the day with a big smile on my face. There’s so much love and support within the Arts of Life and it makes it a wonderful place to volunteer at! Whenever I arrive at the studio I’m always being greeted by the artists with multiple hugs. It’s a wonderful feeling to be part of the Arts of Life community!What do you like to do outside of volunteering?When I’m not volunteering or involved with college, you can find me doing Yoga, Pilates, cooking a new recipe, drawing in my sketchbook, or spending time with family and my pets.