Chicago Studio Volunteer Spotlight: Jill Mock

June 11, 2019 By catherine-norcott
Two women, standing, smiling, holding a stuffed animal rabbit

On Wednesdays, Jill Mock brings an extra boost of energy and positivity to the Chicago Studio.  She is warm and welcoming. And we’re pretty sure her superpower is building relationships. One of the ways she’s helped out most in the studio is supporting artists’ access of Instagram to promote their creative practice. In her professional life, Jill works as a hairstylist at Tsubo Salon at Hubbard Street Lofts.  Read more about her experience as an Artist Mentor in her conversation with artist, Tim Stone below.

Tim Stone (TS): How did you learn about Arts of Life?  What inspired you to volunteer?

Jill Mock (JM): I learned about Arts of Life because my friend Kristin’s brother, Danny Frownfelter, is an artist at the North Shore studio.

I really like volunteering.  It’s something that I’ve done my whole life. I wanted to get back into some sort of art-based service. That’s when I decided to sign up and volunteer at Arts of Life.

TS: How long have you been volunteering here?

JM: I have been at Arts of Life since May of 2018 – a little over a year!

TS: Do you make art?  What kind of art do you do?  

JM: Does being a hairstylist count as an being an artist? Can I be a hair artist? Sometimes I do art but it’s hard for me to find time for it. I like illustration the best. I recently started weaving and rug making.

TS: What do you do when you volunteer at Arts of Life?

JM: I’m an Artist Mentor so I usually work with whoever I’m paired with that day. Mostly I’m pretty silly and dance a lot.

TS: What do you do when you are not at Arts of Life?  

JM: I am a hairstylist in Hubbard Street Lofts at Tsubo Salon. I make people fancy 😉

TS: What do you like to do for fun?

JM: I’m a cyclist, I ride my bike all around the city. I love traveling and enjoy exploring other countries. I am very into activities – I’m a recreational activity junkie. Book club! D&D! Art classes! Bowling league! Cooking classes!

TS: What is something you learned in your time at Arts of Life?

JM: That you guys are all rad artists.

TS: What does that mean?

JM: That means you’re cool. You’re a bunch of cool artists and I’m so lucky to hang out with you guys.

You can find Jill on Instagram @jillmock.  If you are interested in becoming an Artist Mentor like Jill, you can find our volunteer application here.  

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