Chicago Volunteer Spotlight: Dan Osediacz!

October 21, 2015 By vincent-uribe

 Dan Osediacz is a pivotal member of our studio community at the Arts of Life, Chicago!  Always bursting with laughter and joking with the artists, Dan brings a sense of joy and humor to the daily workings at our studio.  Not to mention being a go-to volunteer for special events and one-on-one projects.We’re so happy to have Dan as an artist mentor at our studio—let’s take a moment to meet the man behind the laughs!How did you get involved with the Arts of Life?I saw posts on Facebook by Vincent Uribe (Arts Coordinator, Chicago Studio) and began following the Arts of Life on Instagram. Also it seemed like a lot of fun! The art people made looked cool and interesting.  I wanted to volunteer somehow and got in touch with Vincent. What is your background?  Are you currently in school or keeping a studio practice?I went to school at SAIC and graduated in 2007.  I grew up in Rhode Island.How long have you been involved with the Arts of Life?Since May of 2015.What are some of your favorite aspects of volunteering at the Arts of Life?The Arts of Life is a very non-judgemental and accepting environment.  I really enjoy figuring out how I can help each individual, slowing down and learning about people’s personalities, making friends.  Also, becoming aware of people’s needs.  I like not being an authority figure here, and laughing all day long!  Understanding other’s creative process and helping to expand people’s horizons.  Also, finding out entirely different perspectives of life!What are you up to when you’re not at the studio?I work at a nightclub in Chicago and work at different kids camps in the summer.  Swimming, rock climbing, cooking, eating, biking all year round! Trying new food, beer, places.On behalf of the community of the Arts of Life, we’re so glad to take this moment to acknowledge Dan for all the generous time and energy he contributes to the studio!THANK YOU, DAN!