Christina Zion: Chicago’s Artist of the Month for March

March 15, 2018 By vincent-uribe
Two Women standing in front of a wall with four drawings

As we enjoy warmer temperatures and longer days, springtime is blooming at the Chicago Studio.  To top it off, we have bright, colorful artwork by Christina Zion to greet us every day! Selected by curatorial committee member, Susan Pasowicz, Christina was excited to give a more in-depth view of her artistic practice in discussion with Studio Manager, Catherine Norcott.

Catherine: Tell us a little about your practice?

Christina: Well, I make comics and sometimes I paint and draw.  I use acrylics sometimes. I mostly make art about stories. That’s what I put in my comics and paintings.  I use pictures and words to create a story. Mostly my stories have superheros or cartoons or animated characters.

Catherine: Why do you think Susan chose you for Artist of the Month?

Christina: She said that I do a good job.  I think that my artwork really stands out more.   I love my bright colors.  I use yellow and pink. They make things pop out more.

Catherine: Why did select Christina?

Susan:  She’s a good artist.  She talked to me about it, she seemed interested.  And now, I can tell she’s excited to be the Artist of the Month.

Catherine: How do you feel about being artist of the month?  Has it changed how you feel about your practice?

Christina: It feels really awesome!  It just makes me feel good. Now I have more focus on my work.  I feel like people see me doing a good job.

Catherine: How would you describe Christina’s style to someone who hadn’t seen it?

Susan:  I would describe Christina as a good artmaker.  She enjoys making art and comics. That’s what she likes to do.  She makes work with people a lot of times. Sometimes she puts animals in.  She makes a lot of nice art. Her comics are good because she knows all about them.  You can tell she enjoys making them.

Catherine: As curator, what is your favorite piece?  What do you like about it?

Susan:  I like this one.  It’s called “Sunsets of Florida and the Magic Waves are Coming”.  I see a door and Mickey Mouse in it. It is a comic about Disney World.  I like the way it is made. I like the whole picture. She uses similar shapes and colors, but also puts in things that are different.  It is a nice piece. You could call it sensational!

Catherine: If you could see your work on exhibition anywhere, where would it be?

Christina: I want to hang it in a mall.  It could be anywhere. They aren’t that close to me, most of them are out in the suburbs.  I go to Lincolnwood sometimes, but I haven’t been there in a while. I mostly shop at Target, but I like shopping online now.  I’m so hooked on it. I buy books, movies, and CDs.

Catherine: What are you working on now?

Christina:  I’m working on comics.  It is similar to a book, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.  But I’ve moved things around and made it my own.  Other people in the studio have read it too, and I like talking with them about it.  I get lots of different information from my friends.

Catherine: What made you interested in the Harry Potter series?  Do you take a lot of inspiration from books?

Christina: I started really young, from the first book, when it came out.  I started reading them when I was a teenager. I think it has changed me a lot, it has inspired me.  It also made me want to read more. I’ve been reading books for a really long time.

Catherine: What are some other places where you get inspiration?

Christina: I feel really focused on stories.  The last two series I read were Twilight and The Hunger Games.  I mostly get inspiration from books, but I watch movies too. I like to see whatever comes out.

Catherine: Susan, do you have any final comments about working with Christina?

Susan: Christina’s a really good person.  We have a good understanding of each other.  It was easy to pick out work from her portfolio.  Not hard at all.