City Clerk’s Office Visit

December 18, 2018 By vincent-uribe

This past year Arts of Life has continued to develop partnerships with various offices throughout the city. One exciting partnership is with the City of Chicago’s City Clerk’s office. Anna Valencia, the current City Clerk, was elected in December of 2016 and assumed office January 2018. In March of 2018 the City Clerk’s office connected with Arts of Life and requested some of our artists work to be hung in their executive conference room and main office. Featuring a wide range of bright, graphic paintings, drawings, and soft sculpture, the space has been enlivened with artwork by 11 of our Chicago studio artists.

Alex, Susan, Frances, Tim, and Anna Valencia

The Executive Office suite where the artwork is displayed is where the City Clerk, the Chief of Staff, scheduler, and senior aide reside. It’s also home to the City Clerk office’s executive conference room. This is where the Clerk and her team conduct official business for the City of Chicago that includes everyone from other elected officials to internal team meetings and community group round tables.

The Executive Office featuring Tony Perez, Carolyn Kelley, and Christianne Msall’s artwork

Kate Lefurgy, Chief External Relations Officer for the office of the City Clerk, provided some more information about the Office: “As the link between the community and city government, we are one of the largest offices in the city of Chicago service 1.2 million residents annually. Our office is responsible for being the official record keeper for City Council as well as administering many of the city’s services such as the Wheel Tax, Dog Licensing and Municipal ID program.”


At the beginning of December some of our artists visited the City Clerk to check out the space (and drop off even more artwork!). Anna Valencia gave us a tour, and we met some of the people who work for her. We were able to see the executive conference room, her office, and what goes on behind the scenes at City Hall.

Behind the front desks

Anna Valencia and Alex Scott with a drawing of Anna by Alex.

Anna Valencia showing Frances and Tim her office