Color in Windows, Arts of Life partners with Chicago marketing firm Torque and Stone Real Estate.

January 26, 2018 By vincent-uribe

Color in Windows, Arts of Life partners with Chicago marketing firm Torque and Stone Real Estate. Arts of Life is proud to share with Chicago that our artwork is reaching new heights and visibility around the city.  Generous support and thoughtful minds have brought our artwork to several prominent Chicago retail windows, giving new access to the work created at Arts of Life. Featuring extra large-scale work by Guy Conners, Christianne Msall, Debbie Vasquez, Jean Wilson, Alex Scott, Dave Krueger, and Laura Greenberg we transform everyday leasing banners into eye-catching works of art.

We’re thrilled to be able to help transform empty storefronts at the Wrigley Building (400-410 N Michigan Ave), the Railway Exchange Building (224 S Michigan Ave.) and 851 W Randolph St. with the large-scale banners produced from Arts of Life originals. Torque President and Creative Director Eric Masi sees this partnership as “an unexpected, fresh and genuine application of art, caus, and commerce. It’s what we love to do – throw the marketplace a meaningful curve.”

On a recent adventure to check out the newly installed window banners Chicago studio artist Alex Scott could hardly hold back his excitement, saying “It makes me feel proud that my work was chosen to be in the windows and others will get to see it.” Likewise Jean “The Wolf” Wilson stood short next to her larger-than-life Brick piece.“I’m happy to see my work so big!” she shouts.

The new window banners have already bought several inquiries to the studio and resulted in a sale of our artist Laura Greenberg’s work. Founder and Principal at Stone Real Estate David Stone shares the possibilities and potential as we plan our future expansion of the project. “We have hundreds of linear feet of windows in Downtown Chicago to promote leasing,” he says, “and we can also help a wonderful organization like Arts of Life display its members’ art in new ways.” Check out the work yourself when you are walking around downtown and the West Loop, and share your photos with us @the_arts_of_life #artsoflife