Donors, You Rock!

September 11, 2015 By vincent-uribe

Yesterday, we were so happy to celebrate our donors and friends at the Chicago Studio!  Dave G. brought delicious food, grown with the Horticulture Committee throughout the summer!  Everyone was chowing down!Some folks joined yoga.  I led it with Dave K. because we know all the yoga poses, Downward Dog, Sun Salutation A and B.   Christianne taught printmaking!  Christina, Dave K. and Frances gave tours to show off the whole studio.  And Pablo was printing some tote bags.  We showed a video, so everyone could learn more about Ronnie and Denise.  They founded our original studio on Grand Ave.  Every time I watch that video it reminds me about how she got started, and how she started the Arts of Life for all of us.  It brings back all the memories.  The night ended with The Arts of Life Band.  We did Disco Moves, and Bells and the Dogs with Dave K., Around the World in 80 Days, and Shark Attack.  I did my songs, Brookfield Rap, and Happy and Proud! Then we did Night Crawler and Kelly wrapped it up with Bears in the Trash.  We really rocked out!  I almost lost my voice.  We packed up and headed out by 8 o’clock.It was an awesome night!  Thanks to everyone who showed up!   Thanks for keeping the Arts of Life open!  It is the best place to work.