Emily Steuber Volunteer Spotlight

May 6, 2016 By vincent-uribe

 For this month’s Volunteer recognition, we would like to turn our spotlight on Emily Steuber! We met Emily at a Glenview Chamber of Commerce event for young professionals and immediately knew that she could bring some really interesting conversations to our studio. Emily is now our Wellness Program Leader and is knocking it out of the park! She is challenging us to think about food in entirely new ways! Emily is an animal advocate with a vendetta for all things Monsanto. Finally, she is passionate about helping people find the happiest and healthiest version of themselves in whatever context they find themselves in. When Emily is not at the studio, she is a full time personal trainer and weight loss specialist. Emily’s enthusiasm is contagious and energizing and we are so excited about the conversations she has started about food, wellness, and sustainability. Q & A with Emily Daniel Frownfelter: So, my question for you is…how did you hear about the arts of life? Emily: How did I hear about the Arts of Life? I actually came here for an event hosted by the Glenview Chamber of Commerce. We got to walk around the studio and see your artwork. Do you guys remember a few weeks ago when you left out your bios where you wrote about yourselves and about your art? You put them by your paintings. We came through and I was really fascinated by this place and by your artwork and the energy here. Rick told me about this opportunity and I decided that I needed to do it.  Kelly Wood: Did you know any of the artists before you started? Emily Steuber: No I didn’t. I had never heard of the Arts of Life at all. I can’t believe that I didn’t know about this place. I had no clue about any of this.  Kelly Wood: Who is next? Rebecca Turner: I am. Emily you are a really good teacher and you do a good job at the Arts of Life and you are my best friend.  Kelly Wood: Do you have a question for Emily Becks? Rebecca Turner: Ummhmm… yes I do. Um…what do you like most about the Arts of Life?  Emily Steuber: Wow. That is a really good question. I think it is just the energy. It is very strong. There is so much creativity and that is probably my favorite thing. I can come in here in a bad mood and leave here in the best mood. Kelly Wood: Thanks Rebecca. Who has the next question? Pouya Bagherian: Pouya does. What do you like the most about being in the studio environment? Emily Steuber: Hmm…I like that everyone has a strong opinion about what they think, what they like, and what they feel. Everybody has such a distinct style and I think that is really cool.  Andrew Sautel: Um…yeah, I have number five. What kind of work are you looking to do when you are here? Emily Steuber: I want to learn from you guys and from your experiences and I want to share information with you guys that might help you to make healthier decisions on your own so that other people don’t need to help you with it.  Andrew Sautel: Um yeah. You are doing a good job for me and myself and for the other artists. Basically I have been struggling with how things are going because I am kinda having a hard time because I’m big. Kelly Wood: Thanks for sharing that Andrew. Who is next?   Josh Stern: I am. Are you an artist and if so what kind of art do you do? Emily Steuber: I think I am going to go with yes. I think that everybody is an artist in different ways. I like to draw with ink. I really like dark ink drawings. I am also a personal trainer and creating routines and workouts for people and constantly changing what they are doing to their bodies is an artistic process in itself, which is really cool. I really love cooking too which is also an artistic process. I feel like a lot of things in our lives can be art if we look at them that way.  Rebecca Turner: That’s nice.  Kelly Wood: Who has seven?…is there a seven?…I guess there is no seven. That’s ok. Who has eight? Amanda? Amanda Gantner: What do you do… when you are not… at the arts of life? Emily Steuber: Well, I am a mom. I have two little kids. I don’t know if any of you guys knew that. For me that is the first and foremost thing in my life just to be a mom and enjoy my kids and their presence. So, I am also a personal trainer so I help people of all ages and all backgrounds basically just try and stay healthy and feel better and sleep better. I come here and I draw and that is about it.  Kelly Wood: Does anybody else have any more closing questions for Emily or something that you are just wondering? Daniel Frownfelter: What about nine? Kelly Wood: There is no nine. That’s it. Do you have another question Dan? You can definitely make one up. Andrew Sautel: I have one last one. Umm… I know you did help me out from the way I was before so I can be more fit and active. You also helped me to feel good in this hard time that I am going through with my weight problem. I just have one question. Can you help others that are like me with their weight problem? Emily Steuber: YES. I am actually a weight loss specialist in addition to being a personal trainer. We are going to talk about some of that stuff today because I want you guys to really understand fitness in a way that you can apply it yourselves in your everyday life safely and easily. Several artists chime in with thank you. Jack O’Sullivan: OH WAIT. I have seven! Do you have a favorite artist?  Emily Steuber: Ok yeah, this is going to sound bad, but I can’t remember his name! He does these beautiful paintings of twisted trees that are pink and blue and red and all these different colors. It is really different than the trees that you would normally see in art, but I can’t remember his name. I have many favorites, but that is my number one.  Jack O’Sullivan: Oh. Thanks. Kelly Wood: Any more questions guys? No? Ok. Thanks Emily! All the artists chime in.