Good Luck John! Welcome Megan!

February 3, 2016 By vincent-uribe

John Sharp (pictured above (credit: Sean Kremer)) has been the Arts Coordinator for the North Shore studio since the beginning. In fact, he’s the only person who’s ever held the position. Until now! With John on a four-month sabbatical to student teach for his Masters of Art in Teaching, we have a brand new interim Arts Coordinator: Megan Harrigan Cox. Let’s learn more about both these amazing people.Though he rarely lets it show, John is a BUSY man. Not only does he work full time at The Arts of Life, he’s also a husband and father of two. AND he’s been enrolled in a full time graduate program for the past two years. What does he do in his free time? Makes amazing paintings, which you can see HERE. Through it all, he maintains a sunny disposition and a commitment to the growth of the many communities he’s a part of, including The Arts of Life.At the North Shore studio, John has been crucial to each artist’s creative development while also overseeing exhibitions (curating, framing, hanging, promoting, sales) and music (rehearsals, gigs, recordings, promotions, dinosaur rock operas, etc). This year he developed and implemented a curriculum for our Teaching Artist Residency Program, which takes our artists out of the studio and into the classroom as educators. He also bandaged blistered fingers, transferred people in and out of wheelchairs, assisted people with eating… All while making the corniest of jokes. In short, John has been an integral part of the studio community, taking on whatever we ask of him, big or small. He also takes on a great many things we don’t know to ask for and never even realize he’s doing. For all these things, we are eternally grateful. In January, John stepped away from his position at the studio, leaving us in the capable hands of interim Arts Coordinator Megan Harrigan Cox, the only person we can imagine filling John’s shoes until he returns in May. Megan first joined our community as a volunteer in 2013. Once she got a feel for the studio, she worked with the artists to develop our photography group, which has been a tremendous success. Check out the latest on them HERE. Later, she took a part time position as an assistant to one of our artists. Megan’s a natural collaborator with a commitment to equity and collective decision-making. Because she’s been part of The Arts of Life for several years, she has a strong understanding of the studio, our model and our four core values. Megan is also mom with a vintage furniture business on the side and energy to spare. Her kinetic nature has enlivened the studio and we’re so happy to have her with us full time until John returns in May.The North Shore studio is incredibly lucky to have these two incredible human beings in our community. Missing John during his sabbatical? Check out the gallery of photos below and reminisce until May. Wanna get to know Megan? Stop by the studio sometime and say hello!